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Thinking About Selling?


How Do I Sell My Mobile Home?

Don't leave the sale of your most important asset to chance, trust a qualified and experienced Mobile Home Dealer to help guide you to the best results.  With over 30 years experience, the experts at South Coast Mobile Homes are ready to help.  Download our Home Selling Guide for steps to a smooth sale.

Need to Sell Fast?

Sometimes it's just better to sell and move quickly.  Consider selling your home to us.  We buy mobile homes in any condition, for cash, with no commissions, no repairs and no showings.  Call today to schedule a no-obligation consultation (949)  613-1044.

What's My Home Worth?

Wondering what your mobile home is worth in today's market? We can help you with that too.  With a little information about your house, where you are located and when you need to sell, we can help you value your home for a quick sale, a high price or both.  Call us today at (949) 613-1044.  There is never a charge for a home valuation!

Questions to ask before listing
  • Is it hard to sell a home on my own?
    That depends on a lot of factors. Are you planning to sell it yourself or with a Mobile Home Dealer or Real Estate Agent? For Sale By Owner sales can be incredably time consuming and it is sometimes difficult to negotiate the best deal when your emotions are involved. Selling with a Real Estate agent can be difficult if the agent is not familiar with Mobile Homes on Leased Land. Selling with a qualified Mobile Home Dealer insures that you are working with someone who understands Mobile Homes, Mobile Home Escrows, the Park Approval Process and Mobile Home Financing.
  • Do I need an Agent?
    Selling a Mobile Home in California does not require an agent, however, be prepared to make sure title is properly transfered with the California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) in Riverside. You'll need a Tax Clearance from your County Tax Collector and various forms filled out properly. Send all this in or drop it off to HCD with the appropriate fees and within 6 to 9 months you'll have transfered the title to the new owner. Miss any of the steps or fill it out incorrectly and you'll have to make corrections before the title is transfered. Working with a qualified Mobile Home Dealer insures that your title is effectively transfered on the day of closing the escrow.
  • Is There an Advantage to Selling my Mobile Home with a Mobile Home Dealer?
    When it comes to selling your mobile home, you might consider seeking the assistance of a real estate agent, or even trying to do it yourself. However, there's an alternative option that offers several advantages and helps you avoid the drawbacks of working with traditional real estate agents. Check out this Blog Post where I discuss the top 9 reasons you should choose a Mobile Home Dealer instead of a real estate agent when it comes to selling your mobile or manufactured home.
  • If I use a Mobile Home Dealer or Sales Agent, Do I have to pay for Escrow Fees?
    Mobile Home Dealers and Agents are required to use escrow for each home sale. That protects both Buyers and Sellers from fraud and ensures that clear Title is effectively transfered on the day of closing. Typically, the Mobile Home Buyer pays the Escrow Fees and Title Transfer Fees.
  • What if I my home has a lot of repairs?
    The condition of your Mobile Home can significantly affect its saleability. Many buyers will severely dicount a home that needs a lot of improvements or Health and Safety violations. Some homes may not even be sellable in their current condition and others are forced out by the mobile home parks they are in. To avoid any of those situations, you can sell your home to a Mobile Home Dealer who will fix it up and sell it to a new home owner or remove the home and place a brand new home on the lot. Give us a call and we can discuss the best option for you to put the most money in your pocket with the least hassle.
  • What costs are associated with selling my manufactured home?
    There are a number of costs associated with selling your Manufactured or Mobile Home. These can include: Escrow Fees, Title Fees, Inspection Fees, Repair Costs, Termite Remediation, Back Taxes, Final Utility Bills and Commissions. Fortunately, if you sell your home to us, we'll waive all those fees (except back taxes) and save you thousands of dollars. If you are currious what that would mean for you in terms of dollars, just call us anytime for a free home evaluation.
  • If I want to buy a new home, can I trade in my old home?"
    There was a time, not too long ago that Mobile Home Dealers offered trade in value for homes. Basically, this was just a gimic and the trade in price was factored into the new home purchased. In reality, these old home do not have significant value and are either taken out of the country or destroyed. If you really like your location and want a new home placed there then go for it, however, you can almost always sell your home for more if it stays in its current space. Once sold, you can put a brand new home on another vacant lot in your park or in another park that you like.
  • If I die and there is no one else on the title, what happens to my home?"
    That could be a big problem for your heirs. When you die as the only person on Title, they are left with issues that could easily be avoided. For example, they first have to wait 40 days to leave time for all the heirs who might think they are owed something to make themselves known. When all the heirs are known, they all have to agree on when, how and for how much to sell the home. The people you most wanted to have access to the house may not get anything. All this can be avoided by 1) Adding a family member who you trust to the title or 2) If you are the only one on title, you can add another person as a Transfer on Death Beneficiary. This second option is easier and faster and serves the same purpose. Please make sure to discuss these options with a qualified attorney or escrow agent first.


Finding the right sales agent is more art than science.  With over 35 years of combined Mobile Home Sales experience, our Team is ready to help you get the best price on a new or used mobile or manufactured home or the most money for your home when it sells.  Our agents are experienced, vetted, and trained to provide professional service, expert guidance, and results that you'll be raving about.  Click below to browse our excellent staff.

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