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9 Reasons to Hire a Mobilehome Dealer when it's Time to Sell Your Manufactured Home

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Couple meeting with a Mobilehome Dealer to discuss selling their Manufactured Home


When it comes to selling your mobilehome, you might consider seeking the assistance of a real estate agent, or even trying to do it yourself. However, there's an alternative option that offers several advantages and helps you avoid the drawbacks of working with traditional real estate agents. In this blog post, we will discuss the top 9 reasons you should choose a Mobile Home Dealer instead of a real estate agent when it comes to selling your mobile or manufactured home.

1. Specialized Expertise:

Mobile Home Dealers possess specialized knowledge and expertise in the mobilehome industry. They understand the unique challenges and intricacies involved in selling mobilehomes, allowing them to provide valuable insights and guidance tailored specifically to your situation. Real Estate Agents, often are not familiar with this nitch market and may have to learn as they go, which can add time, hiccups, and extra costs to sell.

2. Extensive Network:

Mobile home dealers have an extensive network within the industry, including connections with potential buyers, other dealers, and financing institutions. Leveraging their network can significantly increase the chances of finding qualified buyers quickly, reducing the time your mobilehome spends on the market. Real Estate agents have their networks too but the two types of networks are not interchangeable, a Single-Family-Home (SFH) buyer/lender/escrow is completely different from those in the manufactured home world.

3. Targeted Marketing:

While real estate agents typically deal with a wide range of property types, mobilehome dealers focus solely on mobilehomes. This specialization enables them to develop targeted marketing strategies that effectively reach individuals, senior citizens, and families in the market for a mobilehome, maximizing exposure and generating more qualified leads.

4. Accurate Pricing:

Determining the right price for your mobilehome is crucial to attracting potential buyers and securing a smooth transaction. Mobilehome dealers possess comprehensive market knowledge and access to data specific to mobile home sales, ensuring your property is priced accurately from the start, without the need for trial and error. Most Real Estate agents are completely unfamiliar with valuing manufactured homes and often severely under or overprice homes as a result.

5. Industry-Specific Regulations:

Mobilehomes have their own set of regulations and legal requirements, which may differ from traditional real estate transactions. Whether in the sale of the home, the permitting process, or the escrow process, mobile and manufactured homes are handled through different entities. Mobilehome dealers are well-versed in these regulations and can guide you through the process, ensuring compliance and preventing any potential legal pitfalls.

6. Financing Options:

Mobilehomes in mobilehome parks, unlike traditional real estate, are not considered real property but rather personal property. To finance these manufactured homes, specialized lenders are needed. Most real estate agents don't have the knowledge or contacts to help clients finance a mobilehome. Dealers, on the other hand, have a network of qualified mobile home lenders ready to help.

7. Personalized Support:

Mobilehome Dealers often offer personalized support and guidance throughout the selling process. They are readily available to answer your questions, address concerns, and provide assistance whenever needed. Their focus on mobilehomes means they can provide a more personalized experience compared to real estate agents who handle various property types and may not be fluent in the language of mobile and manufactured home sales.

8. Park Approval:

One of the most problematic aspects of selling a mobilehome is the park approval process. Even all-cash buyers may not get approved by the park and will need to back out of a purchase at the last minute. Unlike real estate agents, Mobilehome Dealers understand the park approval process and can either filter out unqualified buyers or guide the qualified buyer through the process to a successful closing.

9. Commission:

Perhaps the single most important reason to choose a Mobilehome Dealer to help you sell is the commission. Real estate agents, especially here in Coastal California, are used to selling homes with a $900,000 price tag. These homes can, and often do, provide commissions over $20,000 to each agent in the transaction. Now compare that to the average $5,000 mobile home commission paid to each agent and you can start to see why real estate agents don't often pursue these transactions. And, when they do take a mobilehome listing, selling these homes is often an afterthought as they spend the bulk of their time working on higher payoff deals.


When it comes to selling your mobile or manufactured home, a Mobilehome Dealer can offer numerous advantages over traditional real estate agents. From their specialized expertise and extensive network to targeted marketing strategies and market awareness, Mobilehome Dealers are well-equipped to handle the unique challenges of selling mobile and manufactured homes. Consider partnering with a Mobilehome Dealer to ensure a smooth, efficient, and profitable selling experience.

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